Monday, May 25, 2009

A Mega Puberty (im sweat it's not me!)

The title wrote there is kinda... funny as hell. XD

A fren of mine (short as FoM XD) is actually in love! Maybe. But the way she talked about 'that guy' (which i dont mind at all, not as handsome @ cute as this guy )

Did y'all see it? Sooooooooo cute! >w<
So, back to the topic. She tell us (yes, the 'good listener') about how they were messaging and some random stuff. (alah, like the 'almost-every-couples-will-always-talk-about topic) In 3 days only, she's like... angau! (i dont know this term in eng, so find it urself)
URGH!! Me (whose there, almost in puke-mode) fell off the chair with 'EEEEWWWWW!' sound.
So, end of the topic.
EXAM!? Naah, im still alive, so... ITS NOT AS HARD AS I THOUGHT, KORA!
I can say, not only i feel so mega smart, not tensai, or ingenious, but... wakaranai yo... *sigh*
The next hell storey are English and Agama. Both of them? In ONE DAY?! I dont think i can survive. *shook head*
Wish me luck.
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