Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rumbling About Life

The title say it all.

This year I make a wish upon the stars...(?)

I wanna grow my hair to the extreme!!!

I am sooooo infected with Squalo. Cuz he is the one make me wish for this hair thing.Now, I think that having a long hair is quite fun!

Squalo made a wish... quite romantic desu ne?I just want to try some new environment for this year's hair mode.And yet I want to keep it TO THE LAST EPISODES OF KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!'S ANIME!!! Which is kinda... impossible to achieved this chidish thought.


Mom's mood were... slightly weird. She's keep teasing me and some random stuff.


Maybe I need 100 gm of aspirins.

Exam is nearer. Hellish week start from 25th - 29th May 2009. That is tomorrow. TOMORROW!?!? *faint*AND IM STILL WRITING A BLOG!?!?Im still not...what do we called it? Ah yes... study.


Im doomed. DOOMED I say.

I shall buy a gun and shot my head, not like what Reborn did to Tsuna-fish, but to end my life.
Or steal Yamamoto's katana and stab myself in the middle of shower.
Or asked Gokudera to burn me to ashes.
Or forced Ryohei to punch my face to the EXTREME.
Or just annoy Hibari and I will be bitten to death.

Simple isn't? There's a lot of ways to end this unworthy life.

But to think about it... is it worth it a million to end of this life?

There's a few moment I enjoyed most.

Like studying at SMK Jati and befriend with nappo freak artist maniac, and mostly FOUND OUT THAT ANIME ISN'T BAD AS MUCH AS I THOUGHT! ESPECIALLY KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!

And Mafia isn't bad after I watched KHR, (and I wanna meet Mafia in the real world! XD)And to have a vacation at Japan and Italy. And much more!!!

This things makes me feel like... Life is PRICELESS.

I will love my life from now.
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