Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Pain, The Library and The Unbelievable Day

Bahaha, I dont know how to make the story looks interesting. (even though it's quite fun).
Okay, first come first served, aye?

1. The Pain

Urgh the bag at the back is freaking heavy!! It's like when you put all the shitty heavy stuff and carried all the way to school.
I can't believe it.

And Kila~~ why~~

You don't need to ask me 'why' word had used there. I'm just sooo lazy bahaha.
And one more thing, Kemahiran Hidup's homework= HELLISH LOT.
I never think I'll finish it within 2 days. The other day is my freedom day.
Without any work to do.

'Procrastination leads to Destruction.'

True 100 per cent. Without any protest.

2. The Library

Librarians (which I called barbarians bahaha) were called for the spring-clean-the-damned-big-library meeting.


Cuz 'the small boss and the big boss' are in-the-name-of-god approaching.

What the heck.

And soo... the vice leader told us to gathered at the library after school.The best thing is... no one brings the hanky-wanky to use.Bahaha, except me and the next-to-be leader Fahmi.Yes, the both of us are completely I.N.N.O.C.E.N.T.
So, the generous-side-of me shared my old-ragged-t-shirt as a backup.
For them.


The story is not ending yet. And it is getting interesting.Read it with your dying will!!

The spring-clean time is start.

First, we get rid of the dust at the oh-we-just-wanna-show-off table.
Second, we rearrange the books from the oh-my-god-it-is-so-big shelves. When we are in the middle of the work, one of the next-to-be leader give instruction like "Oh sorry, we should clean up the shelf first, sorry. Looks like we're gonna make this place mess up."

What the f...?!

So, a few of us, like she said, put the books away from the shelves. And what I did was throw away the books from the shelves.


And the clean-this-dusty-shelf time is start. Clean, clean, clean...



...That's me. [everyone in the library puts their attention on me]

"Oh, nothing serio... ACHOOO!!"
"...You need to rest for awhile, sit at the back where no dust. It's getting worse."

I don't know who said that, and I don't wanna care at all about it.So, the great me take a piece of book entitled "Nancy Drew-The Mysterious blablabla" and then read with the itchy nose.

A few minutes later.....

"Farah!! Ohhh Farah!! Wake up! It's time to go home!!! Or you wanna stay here for a night?"
"Huh? Am I fall asleep?"
"Duh, what else?"
"...and it's go-home-time already?"
"=__= ...of course.''
"Oh, okay..." *falls asleep*
"Hey, wake uuupppp!!!"
"Okay, okay!I am awake!"

Even though it's clean-the-damned-big-library day, still I can sleep!?Bahahah.


3. The Unbelievable Day.Why??
  • I brought my lovely handset
  • I put a left-alone chair onto the biiig rack at outside of library
  • I fell asleep without any saliva pool. Awesome.

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