Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Day of School. (Song Destructor)

Woah I felt soooo tired today. After a looooooooooooooooong break, now I can't carried my own bags.

Which. Is. Bad.

And my friend(s) said to me, "your face's getting a little bit round-ish. and your cheeks makes me wanna pinch hardly."

Now I think I'm getting F.A.T. after listen to that kind of compliment.


I hate exam's result (not yet okay?).

Makes me wanna asked Mukuro to stab his trident at my back.
Or stole Yamamoto's katana and cut my both legs.
Or asked Gokudera politely to blow up my oh-so-cool school.
Or forced Hibari to bite me to death.


Sis will go to Sabah at Wednesday.

I've changed 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' song from Mulan.I called it 'I'll Make a Pulp Out of You' by Hibari.

Let’s get down to business
To defeat the Millefiore
Did they send me herbivores?
When I asked for carnivores
Tsuna’s the saddest one I ever met
So pack up, go home and die
Mister, I’ll make a pulp out of you

Haha, this will be gonna fun!
Say good-bye to my lovely Jyudaimei...
Yare yare, I never thought my last meal would be Ramen..
This guy's must be dangerous to the extreme!
Hope he doesn't bite me like always
Kufufu…now I really need to make a will to Chrome

(We are mafia)
We beat on the Millefiore people
(We are mafia)
We battle through to get the box and the rings
(We are mafia)
My greatest speech is “I’ll bite you to death” =^=''-ara?
Mysterious man (with tonfa)
the dark side of HIBIRD.

The coloured line were sung according to Tsuna's guardian's flame. As we know, Blue for Yamamoto, Red for Gokudera, Green for Lambo, Yellow for Ryohei, Orange for Tsuna, and Indigo for Mukuro!!!


Someone's missing... OH MY GOD!! Of course! Hibari with Purple flame!!!

Hibari: How dare you to not remember me, I'll bite you to death!!!
Me: No, Hibari! I didn't remember you, I just... forgot. Hehe *sweat and runs like a wind*
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