Sunday, June 28, 2009

Il Momento di Sonno

Yeah, today my sleep intitution were much stronger than usual.

My sis and her husband soon-to-be were home yesterday.
And she get really pissed off with my results.

"What?! Even this simple question you get 0!? What I'm gonna do to you now, 'boy'?"
"Haha.... very funny sis..."
"No, I'm deadly serious young lady."
"What just did you said?"
"Hm... I.Will.Gonna.Make.A.Man.Out.Of.You.Young.Lady."
-"What? Is it me or she said Shang's song from Mulan?!"-

Deadly conversation with deadly sis. Koowaaaii... *shivering*

But... the next day... something unexpected happened...

"Chem!! Let's go!!"
"Huh, to where?"
"Duh, did I tell you yesterday?"
"No... maybe you're just too pissed off with my results..."
"Haha, okay, I' tell you. We are going to The Lost World of Tambun!!!"
"Hah!?" o_O
"Quickly pack up your things and let's go!!"
"Wait! Don't left me behind!"

I seriously don't know about the plan of going to that place. Bahaha...

Arrived at there, and I just realised that... I don't bring camera... Ftw.I really pissed off.
To the extreme.But soon I forget about it.


When we brought the tickets (and its reallly expensive.RM25 for adult.So me, sis and her husband soon-to-be=3x25=RM75!?), we can't wait to jump in into the pool, with fake wave billowy.. the sense of hungry tiger... did I mention about TIGER!?

Bahaha.After we rented a few lockers(duh, for our stuff okay?!), we dive in . But first, we went at the... slide thingy for twice or something.
Bahaha.. My nose's full with the water. Ptuiih! It's extremely pain!!!

Wise Advice from Unwise Person= never shows any arrogant attitudes. It's really gonna eat you after all.

So, normal fun activties like ride on the merry-go-round-in-chair-version, pirate's ship, took a full tour around The Lost World, take a dive in hot spring pool, blablabla..

But ONE thing that I will never forget.

Took a nap on the floaty in the middle of the big pool with full of crowds under a warm sunny day.

Bahahaha... I just got sleepy and with this big opportunity arrived, I took a nap for awhile.Just for awhile.Sis's fiancee told me that a few people came and saw me float without any movement. And even splashed a water onto my face to see if I fall unconscious.

Bahahaa... epic fail.Arrived at home, we all fainted because of tiredness.
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