Friday, June 12, 2009

School is nearer...

Peh, the title tell us all.

Im too lazy to... karangfied it... well.

Duh. I made it in a note form.

1.Vampires games betrays me.

2.Fullmetal Alchemist ending song = WIN.

3.Belphegor's and Xanxus's seiyuus O_o. I dont wanna to describe it.

4.There's an eggshell in my house's drain. TRASH.

5.Nasi lemak is the best dish.

6.My wrist numb. For One Day.

7.Hair is getting longer.Squalo...wait for me!!! *runs wild*

8.Hibird is getting cuter than I expect.

Duh.Thats all. (what do you expect from me? A novel? Get outta here!)
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