Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kora!

Yay! It's Colonello's birthday!!! 7.7.2009!!

But... sadly, he is not with us anymore... *sobs*

"Lal Mirch-san, are you crying?"
"Me? No way!"
*wipe tears*
"Dont worry, just express your feelings! No one cares about it! Just let it go!"
"Hmph!" *walks away*
-"She is shy~~ oh soo cute~~"-

Ok, now she's away... let's continue!!! Bring on the trumpet!!!

Kinda mixed up. Bhahahaha....
I made a poem for him...(only a few verse)
The blue-eyed infant, Colonello,
Holder of the blue pacifier,
Dress like an army, that’s cool!
And always fly with his per, the eagle.
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