Saturday, July 18, 2009

OMG day

I've read Reborn's new manga episode.
The front page...

Oh, awesome pic of the month!

Nothing special except Gokudera can't attack Kikyou using his lots-of-box weapon just because Kikyou sealed his box using his special cloud flower that is full with poison.
Tsuna were trapped in Torikabuto's illusion. He think that the freak is still alive and trapped him, which is Tsuna is near their target, Daisy the Freako.
And Kikyou manages to arrive at Vongola base which is Irie, the target, were located.

But Tsuna, our mighty boss, said...

OMG! Tsuna you're so macho!!! *scream*

Ep 141 and 142

Nothing special in ep 141.Tsuna and the gangs were relieved that the girls were saved. But something unexpected happen.

Irie said that Tsuna and the gang must back to the past and complete the Arcobaleno Trials and OPENING TSUNA'S VONGOLA BOX WEAPON in a week. And then they need to go back to the future once the trials were finished.


This is something new! Not even in the manga!!! Akira Amano, you're such a genius person!!

In episode 142.....

Tsuna and the gang were back to the past, everyone is with their own purpose; going home.
But ... Yamamoto... you know what had happened to his father...
*wipe tears*

Yamamoto... don't be too sad, I feel sorry for you...

Now, get back to the fangirl side!!! Do you remember when the episode is in the middle, the 'Katekyo Hitman Reborn!' quote is pop up from nowhere?

Well, they changed the picture. The picture is...

Yay! The grown-up version of Arcobaleno!!! They did show the baby form, but the '' banner blocked our cute Fong. Kono yaro!

So much for the previous manga cover...

Back to the episode. And so, Reborn, lecturing Tsuna and Gokudera who thinks the trials will become easy (yes, he is tutor afterall!). It's all about The Strongest Seven.

First, he told them about our long-lost-kora!-freak Colonello.

The baby form...


KORA! The adult form!!!

The best pic of Colonello. *points to the pic* read it and fear it bahahaha. :DDD

Okay, enough fangirl! The second is Skull, the weak-octopus-helmet-weirdo....

has turned into THE COOLEST GUY!!! OMG!!!

Fear the guy, dood. His nickname is Immortal Rider. He rides motorcycle!! The stunts! Oh...

The best pic of Skull.

And we move to the next Arcobaleno, Mammon a.k.a Viper!

The baby form.

And the adult form!!!

His hood is cool...

No 'the best pic' for you, Viper. Sumimasen. *headdesk*

I can't wait to introduce our next guy.... FONG!!!

#The baby form.

And... bring on the trumpets!

THE ADULT FORM!!! He is so much like Hibari!!! *w* Even I thought that Hibari and Fong are long-lost twins!!!


er... that's not possible. *sweat* That's why I-Pin adores Hibari, just like she adores his master!

The oh-no-I-can't-think-other-word-than-awesomely-best pic of Fong.

He is smiling!!! *gaps* Oh... I hope that Hibari will smile like him...


Its mine! Mine!! MINE!!!

#-I thought of Hibari in 5-years-old kid. So cute... *giggles*

Oh, I forgot! Sorry, the fangirl side is take over my mind. Now, onto the next arcobaleno, Verde!

The mad scientist in the baby form
And the mad scientist in adult form!!! He is so green!!! Me love the colour!!! *w*

Do you remember the box weapon? Yeah, he is the one who create it!! Wickedly smart!

The best pic of Verde.

The last and the least.... the Sky Arcobaleno... Luche!!!

The baby form.

And the adult form! pregnant!? O_O

Oh, she is the only female Arcobaleno .... so cool. She is strong, afterall. Look at her decendant, Uni. But she is mesmerized by Byakuran.

Celaka betul.
Ah, the trials is start by next week's episode!!

I love this pic. Colonello and Lal Mirch is fighting. I can't wait the next episode~~ *daydreaming*

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