Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Splendid Journey

Yesterday the story were created...


A called from my sis, which I called her Kak Lin...

"Ma! Uncle Hamzah didn't respond!"

"Hm... perhaps the motor will come to you!"



We (dad, mom and ME) are having a 'horse ride'!

~~A moment of silence. A couple of crickets.~~

No, my dad used his friend's extreme van to...let my sis used it to make her journey to pratical thingy. I don't care.

It's kinda rushing-plan-that-we-gonna-use-it activity.

The journey started... or I prefer 'bounced', through the highway. And the awesome me; reading Artemis Fowl's book while listening to music.


After 6 hours bouncing along the road,,finally! We made it!! Arrived at kak lins rented house!!!

And guess what? I made a new friend, a cat!! Her name's some-kinda Comot.

Haha. She is cute afterall.

I prefer use 'molested' than 'tamed' word. Its snuggle all around my feet and keep on turning and turning and turning.

Before we broke apart, I can feel her sadness. But life must keep on going, no matter how difficult it is. *teary eyes*

I think I need a companion.

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