Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Lol. Its not about KHR or something. It means I'M BAAAAACK!!! Hoho, I haven't updated my blog for a few week or so. I'm lazy, that's all. Hoho. *laugh non-stop*

So, a summarized life story:-

  1. Kaklin is home(30/7/09), so I can't open my blog (because IT'S A BIIIG SECRET,shhh...)
  2. She brought KHR cd PLUS a Varia Songs cd.
  3. We watched KHR together, just a day though...
  4. Attended a wedding ceremony at 31/7/09, met Zafira and Fatin, which is shocked me (they're matured, afterall... sigh...)
  5. Nothing fun in 1/7/09.
  6. Kaklin were back to her maktab, and the laptop is mine!!! Bahahahahah!!!
  7. Played zOMG in GaiaOnline, and addicted.
  8. Cocuriculum Day, normal nothing much....

And for today, Kilalalala hurted due to the photographer's pain-or-something. And she is having a headache. Hm...


I can't believe it, believe it or not, its real-deal matter. *runs in a circle*

Today it rains as well, yesterday it rained as well
Surely tomorrow it will rain as well, but
I will not open my umbrella
Because I am
A British gentleman, gentleman, gentleman.

Awesome song from Arthur Kirkland a.k.a England in APH! Love the beat; samba yet sexy ;D *glomps him*

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