Monday, September 7, 2009

Picture, picture, picture~

Title: Picture, picture, picture~

Author/Artist: The awesome me 8D

Character(s): Hungary, Prussia, Austria, Italy, Crossdress!Germany, England, Canada, Shinatty-chan, Tibet, Vietnam, Crossdress!Poland, Japan, Russia, Holy Roman Empire, Chibitalia, Grandpa Rome, South Italy, some Transformers models, Denmark, Korea, Hong Kong, pasta, Latvia, China, France, America, Iceland, Finland, Sweden 8DDDDDD

Warnings: Picture heavy I guess, some dramas, fangirl crossing.

From left, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden.
Kila, the Nordics! (Sweden isn't stable hoho). Oh... tertinggal pula Norway. -_-''

The Allies.

Russia: Ne, Latvia. Why you are so cute?
Latvia: Well... *tremble* because I'm cuter than you...
Lithuania & Estonia: LATVIIIIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Prussia is enjoying his lonely time.
The Axis.

Prussia is mocking Russia. Haha, you're dead, Prussia >D


Ara, Hong Kong!

"These are my miniatures. With different shapes and colours."

The Italian Family~

Hm... looks cute.

Canada is introducing himself to England.

Italy: You looks cute with those maid dress! ^w^
Germany: Hm... >///<

Hungary: Stay away from my hubby, Prussia!
Prussia: >8D

HRE x Chibitalia FOREVER~
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