Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Week of Jalan-jalan

We shop at One Utama for Kakak's wedding preparations. Aiyah~

Went to 'Flower Girl' shop.

And Kak Lin's posing with the showcase stuff lol.

The dress for Sulha, our little flower girl during Kakak's wedding. (in the end, Kakak choose the other dress, prettier and expensive-ier)

And we went to the shoe shop... Clarks, it says. (for the flower girl and boys of course, not for us D:)

And for a simple shoes, costs almost RM 300!? Kakak! You're freaking kaya!

Passing through with this shop, it's my instant fave banner. ''A KAPPA 1869" xD

We're hungry, so we ate donuts at Vienna blahblahblah.
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