Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bored at Golf Club Open House

In the name of God, it's not me who one of the member of the club, it's my dad!
He received an invitation of the open house. ''Invite all of your family! The more the merrier!''

Blah. They used sadist way to merrier the open house OTL.

And (with force), I have to let go my games for a few hours ;_;

Quite boring, no fun at all. Seems all the members are richy-rich people. And their children are too fashinable. No fun at all (did I mention this before?).

And the clock strikes to 9.10 P.M, where the event starts. Freaking late. I thought it'll started at 8.15 P.M?

This is my glass (empty lol) where I drank a mango juice that give me a headache. (freaking sweet, there's no mineral water at there ._.)

A round 9.45 P.M, the desserts' coming! IIIIIICEEEE CREEEAAAMEEEEEE!!!

Mood: OTL-ing.

It's look like some sunset view... in a cup of empty ice-cream.

P/S: Sesiapa yang membaca blog ini yang menghadiri jamuan raya kelab golf di Taman Meru pada hari Sabtu 3 Oktober, penulis adalah seorang budak perempuan yang memakai baju kurung berwarna ungu dan memakai beg sandang berwarna hitam yang terbelit lehernya dengan earphone beliau di tudungnya yang berwarna putih.

/brb settling her neck with her earphone D:
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