Friday, August 27, 2010

Being a Cruel Person + I Need Money

Yah, hi there bloggers. I don't know if I'm turning into a little monster or just trying to be friendly.

I just called a person... papan lapis a.k.a plywood. Sounds bad, maybe I should wash my mouth afer saying that kind of stuff.

=_='' (sorry to that person)

Now, I just found this site, where people buy anime stuff, which I sometimes doubt their credibility. But most people says this site is pretty reliable than others so I don't know.

They are from China, so people keep saying ''that the stuff they sell there is all made in china... if you know what I mean xD'' thing... What they are referring to? Their quality? Or the price?



But THEN I saw KHR ring set! The old AND the new set!

*w*b sparkling rings I want! And the prices are about US$ 20+ a.k.a RM 76+++!!!

Where should I find a very instant money?! I can't wait till I have own money!


Malaysia! Why can't you import these important stuff quickly hah?! I'm barely breathe looking at the prices--! Bafwjrgwlqdkddnwn!!! (gibberish, sorry -_-)

One more thing.... Is this Tsuna's T-shirt? Seems weird.. it suppose to have pocke-- wait, it suppose to be a JACKET RIGHT?!

Oh wait... this a T-shirt version. Haha. Now this is the real version!

Now, the price is US$ 16. O^O That's very expensive, almost RM 23---!

e_e brb sobbing

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