Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Song Day- KHR

Now the KHR new album are completely released (and fanned), I can post something about the albums.

For this post, I want to talk about Song ''Red''~Famiglia~ album.

It consists of the Vongola Family Members, including Basil singing duet with Tsuna.


01. RIGHT NOW - Sawada Tsunayoshi & Basil
02. YELL - Gokudera Hayato
03. Ame no Message - Yamamoto Takeshi
04. Destiny - Reborn
05. Mata Ashita - Sasagawa Ryohei
06. Tatta Latta - Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin & Chrome Dokuro
07. Be More - Dino
08. Akashi - Hibari Kyoya

Sorry I can't post the song at here >_<" (damn internet!)

This album seems good to enjoy, especially Dino who is making his first apprearance in album, other than in Hibari's monologue.

Saa, the next post will be Tsuna & Basil's song lyrics!
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