Saturday, January 15, 2011

Awesome Saturday

Hello! It's Saturday! So bored as I tried to be optimistic as possible! By the way, my cousin brought this from the Family Store market I suppose, forgot to ask her xDD;;

A bathing set! Complete with scrubs, wooden comb and mirror and a teddy bear! So cute~ I'm not so sure if I would use this...

When I holding this thing, I suddenly feel artistic, quickly grab a pencil then BOOM! This is the result!!:-

A woman bathing at ofuro! To be honest this is the best art I ever finished under 15 minutes! How happy I am!!! Congratulation to meee!! -dances Danse Macabre-

Back to reality. Ibu took me and her children eat outside. Just where? Secret Recipe!!

Duudududududuuduu I ordered something unexpected.....

A Japanese Soba!! Haha, it full of vegetables I almost can't find the noodles and chicken slices and mushrooms!!

And for the dessert, this Trio Ice Cream!

By the end, the ice cream melts away.

But it still raining outside. I wonder when will the rain stop pouring?
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