Saturday, January 22, 2011

Culture Shock

Okay so for today I’m having several culture shocks;

1. Students are Diligent

Seriously, today is Saturday, perfect for a school replacement day, and of course you would expect there’re only 50-70 students who will attend on this particular day. Yet there’re over 100 students who came.


How come they’re being so attentive?

2. Class is Awkwardly Quite

Yeah you probably guessed how class will turn from a library to a pasar malam by a twitch of your face. But then my class is a different matter.

They keep their mouth shut until there’s a teacher.


This is somehow the most unbearable habits for the weeks by me.

“Baiknya diorang…tak bising sangat…”

“Tau tak pe. Harapkan kelas kita dulu--- nak senyap kejap pun susah!”

(this is me with Ain, talked in such whispery voice)

How do you take these kinds of phenomenon?

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