Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Raining. Outside and Inside.

Rain Will it cease someday It's been an awfully long time It's cold
Rain Why does it choose me I, who have No refuge

The song above fits today's post. Just so you know. It's cold outside. Non-stop raining... brrr.

I just watched Kuroshitsuji 2. Yup, I'm all left behind bwahahahaha xDDDD

My summary for the whole season: too much hugging, licking and boob showing!!! DDx

Oh, one more thing: too sad.... ;^;

This is what I felt when reached the last episode. I almost cry for the whole episodes, to be exact xD (I wetted my hanky and blanket with my tears, so awesome) with this Alois died because of Claude's baka-ness, and also Ciel's memory lost, and also poor Sebby-chan cannot eat Ciel's soul, it's too distracting T____T

Oh poor Sebby-chan...

By the way, I just made some animated from the anime! Even though it's not perfect, but do enjoy looking at these~!

sparkle away

hot hot hot

Too hot, Sebby-chan... too hot... -nosebleed-

in loving memory...
In Loving Memory... Ciel Phantomhive...
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