Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love at first sight... Kozato Enma!?

Really!!! It doesn't take too much time (I really meant it) for me to hook up with this person!! I even shocked myself! xD

In Reborn! Wiki did tell me about the resemblances between Enma and Tsuna; both negative thinking person, clumsy, etc. etc. etc... but still.... Enma is different... o////o

Well, I'm not started reading the manga about the ceremony arc thing that involved Shimon family VS Vongola family yet. But now I know about this cute person is in this arc, I'LL START READING IT NEXT WEEK!!!! WORK HARD!!!

Except.... the internet connection is super super duper slow TTT^TTT
Maybe I should wait ... and wait.... and wait.


Enought of the fangirl mode, I want to show you this;


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