Friday, January 21, 2011

My privacy has been disturbed

Because of this particular pendaflour lamp, privacy is no longer exists with me.

Sometimes you want to be alone inside your room, you know… doing stuff like reflecting your moments with friends, teachers, etc…. you get that? Okay, when you are in the middle of these things… suddenly there’s a knock at the door, a person get through the door and says “Hey I want to use your room for a moment, can I? The lamp’s damaged or something…”

“Okay cool use it up until the lamp’s changed.”

“Okay thanks!”

One day… fine I can bear with it.

The next day, afternoon.

When you come back from school, want to lie down for a minute or two in your room, stopped when there’s a person lying on your place. “Yo! The rooms’s pretty dark so I stay at your bed, is that okay? And I’m charging my phone here also :D hope you don’t mind~”

My place.

It’s in the middle of the day, you fool. How can it be DARK? There’re no more empty sockets in your room for a phone?


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