Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's post. Or whatever the title says.

Well, well, well? It's the new year of 2011. How time flies quickly.

This year it'll be my first time to do some rough translation of certain actors/singers's blog. Quite the dare, isn't it? C;

The top most priority is..... well you name it; Takasaka Atsushi, the voice actor of Prussia from Hetalia!!!

The actor himself. Such a cutie, yes?

The other one will be... maybe Suwabe Junichi's blog? I'm not so sure with this one, because he seems always update his blog, no? Heh. =w=

/no picture will be upload xDDD

Next will be.... Yamaguchi Masao a.k.a MAO from SID band!!!! I know that there's already a community journal that translate every single post of his blog, but I want to try something new this year aha~!

He does a pose for you. Quite sweet? You'll be my lollipop then Maonyan x)

Let see... the main vocalist, Mao himself, has post at his blog that SID will release a NEW ALBUM, (finally!!!) on February 23rd this year!!!! The title for the album is "dead stock".

I shall stop this madness this instance xDDD

Oh... last thing... HAPPY NEW YEAAAARRR!!!

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