Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rough Translation Mao's (SID) blog

Now, I'll do some summaries about Mao's blog since 1.1.11. He loves to take his pictures, therefore I'll try to post the pictures from the blog.

CAUTION!!! May cause nosebleeding. You have been warn...

First, he said he wanted to be more positive, as he keeps saying ''keep a smile'' or something. He also said about this year's plan; an album in February and a tour in March. "Might fun to be together", he said. He also said the scene (he maybe referred to the tour) was broadcast live on CDTV new beginning.

*scratched head* I don't quite understand this last line...

Some picture posted, too lazy to upload here. He noted that he had a meeting on new year's day, which resulting on going hatsumode a little late.

Perhaps he was having a cold? He posted his picture wearing a mask. Be well, Maonyan!!

Oh, another thing...

"au by KDDI" presents 2011 Ontamakanibaru

January 30, 2011 (Sun)
Events on Yokohama
OPEN 13:00 START 14:00



This will be a lot of pictures. Be prepare, mortals. Kidding, enjoy this while you still can~!

He is having Maomania xDD
He is posting about foods. Yes, FOOD. Despite being a slender man, he loves to eat, from my own perspective of course x'DD
He posted a crab-themed food, Kokoichi, vegetables, and Montblanc dessert. WOAH WANT THOSE. And lastly a fish burger ad nuggets and herbal tea.
He also stated that you can check him on Twitter. And this thing: "Think play, eat and drink" is kind of cute xDD
Btw, what is Gossip Girl? Mao seems to like them...
7.1.11 (what a long break)
He says about leaving on a trip tomorrow (what trip? Don't know~ EDIT: 3 days trip to the Dragon Temple). He also almost finished watching season 2 of Gossip Girl, drinks ginger syrup (o___o), a Shabu Beef Curry (hungry..), TAKOYAKIIIII OH REALLY WANT THIS, tuna and crab pasta (suddenly desire this), and a bread. And of course, milk.
How cute =3=
Picture: Credits goes to Mao himself
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