Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rough Translation Takasaka Atsushi's blog

He updated his blog so quickly that I can't catch up with it! >_< 2.1.11.

(1st post)
He talked about his 'first dream' that he remembered very clearly. And there was some little regards. Lastly he talks about going into hatsumode mochi or something.

(2nd post)
He went to Kasuga Taisha Shrine and there were soooo much people went there and he had to wait for a very loooong time for his paper fortune I guess.

(3rd post)
Aaaaand finally he got his paper fortune at last~! Congrats Atsu-chan!

(4th post)
Before the hatsumode, he met with his kindergarten. Then the trios entered the shrine. He also noted that what he wished for is a secret. I want to know Atsu-chan's 'secret things'!!! Haha, jkjk. Then he talked about lunch or something.
His friends ordered something delicious and they enjoyed so much. But finally they had to depart. How sad because he told us that he only met his friends once a year.

(5th post)
He went visiting an animal park? Because I saw cute deers running at his blog... well, he even fed the deers! OMG I so want to be the lucky deer right now!!! >v<>He loves rice cakes
>He wants world peace/something so embarrassed that he don't want to mention it at his blog ^v^ so cuuute
>He told the narrators that he can find Sasebo burger at Shinjuku.

And that's it!


(1st post)
A story about few friends of his from junior high school went to Krispy Kreme (donut!!!)
They ordered a large bear-like donut. Coolio! They also supported his during the Marukaite Thanksgiving even though without a ticket and a person (I think he mentioned a name, not sure about it...) came to the venue form Nara.
He (Atsu-chan) thanked them for being such a supporter.

(2nd post)
Surprise! He gave a picture and asked the readers what the heck is the thing?! He gave a hint: It's often used during night. Dududuududu...

(3rd post)
The answer is... a hot water bag! He used this every night when he thought that using an air-conditioner for a long term is not desirable...
The next thing is... he is on his bed ready to sleep!! It's cuuuuuuuuuuuuuteee looking at him wrapped by the warm comforter and uses the hot water bag... >3< 4.1.11.

[so far he posted only one for today... I wonder if he's busy or something...]
He was some sort of forced by his father to play a catch ball at the park. Even though he doesn't want to.. but it's an order from his father.... well you know it; ha goes outside at last.

I loved this emoticon (-_-;) 彡 彡

He seems to enjoy this game after all heheh =v= spending a new year's day with his family is a good thing!
Then he went to Tokyo by train. He posted some appetizing meal.... oh so good... (wait, I haven't eat dinner o__o)
Lastly, in the end of the post, he stated that he appreciated everything that had done to him.
And here's the original form the post :

Oh boy. Alright Now, starting tomorrow and do my best!! Yeah!!!
And that it for today's post guys! See you tomorrow~!

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