Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rough Translation Takasaka Atsushi's blog

Hi there! Now that Atsu-chan's back to business, let's get going with our business, too!!


He bought the Christmas and New Year's items; a rabbit and a reindeer? Even he don't know what to do with the item... xDDD

6.1.11. (If they all laughed so much I even cut myself)

Maybe he was worried about himself about being a 26 years old dude, so he was about to do something funny....

NANANA ♪ NANANA ♪ NA ~ NANA, NANANA ♪ NA ~ NANA, NANANA ♪! NANANA ♪ NANANA ♪ ~ ('ε `) (KARA song "Mister")


He dances with a rabbit eat and fluffy tail he bought yesterday!!! Squeeeeeaaaalllll~!!! He does mention about having a big butt it looks dusty... errr.


Back to the topic, after what he had done, he grab a Prussia plushie and started playing with it + the rabbit ear and tail.


He received a new year's letter at his office! He was glad enough but worried sick about receiving a small number of greeting cards which reminds him of..... being old. Awww don't be so pessimistic my dear Atsu-chan! You're not too old like the Olympians!! =__=;; what the heck I said?

And the last thing he said about tried to be lucky in hitting the lottery postcards. I wish you luck!

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