Saturday, February 26, 2011

Balance is What People Lack of

Had too much things happend to me like today.

Okay, first; I started a RL commisions in my class (which is good, I find my own income) but the bad news is.... I can't cope with their request. Like seriously, they want a boy drawn, but what I did is a girl.

Maybe a girly boy.

Fortunately, they think that as my style.

HAHA nice one (:

Next, we had a basic economy class. The teacher started teaching us about how to estimate/total up the tax rate from your individual income a.k.a salary. The hell with it I almost can't catch up with you teacher, you talked fast.

Gladly Allah sent me a light of wisdom that I suddenly understand what she just teached us the whole time, through LOT of exercises of course.

It is something like this; let say your income is RM35 000, so you look at the tax rate chart given and start analysing each of the rate.

I'm not going to mumbling about economy here though.

But the problem isn't related to economy class, it's the next event that troubling my mind since then.

*knock* *a librarian came in* "I want to meet Farah Amani Syamimi?"
*raise my hand* "Yes? Any problem?"
*held out a paper* "You are just elected to become a temporary librarian. Please start your duty on Monday for further valuation." *thanked the teacher, walk away*


Do I hear things clearly? ME? A LIBRARIAN? ELECTED?!!

It is great to have such great responsibility (adding more marks for your cocuricular of course), but in the meantime I'm afraid I can't keep it up. You know... more jobs, more works to be done, more stayback at school, etc.

Is it that I'm making an excuse? Unreasonable excuses? People tend to make excuses on something if they can't keep up with certain things.

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