Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama! x3

Yes, congratulation to my mum who is by now turn to 52. :)

Happy birthday. I wish you a long life and happiness.

So, about the fanfiction that I talked about it yesterday yesterday, I add two new characters. Michio and Amako, the twins. No solid images by now, just finished exams yo ^^ I'll be finishing the references as soon as possible.

I'm still thinking about putting Hibari into my fanfiction. Is it okay? Will I get sue? I don't want--!!! That's too horrid to imagine!!!

I just finished the draf. So short! It's like <1000 words per chapter o____o that's super short!! It doesn't pass my English paper 2 as well as Bahasa Melayu essay paper 2!!! O M G!!

It's getting worst. I should read books or fanfiction story before making one for myself.

Should I drop Hibari from my story?
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