Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just One More Day To Go!



Now onto Account and Economy. Sigh. ): Right now I'm into a fanfiction. And guess what? I'm trying to make one for myself. :D It's about my original character, Mura and my favourite anime character; Kyoya Hibari.

xD but I have no ordered plots about it.

So this is my guideline on how to write Hibari. Very useful, I'll try to write not an OOC Hibari. But I know it'll be the hardest thing to do. )': Besides, it's a FAN fiction after all.

Original character, Mura © me

This is Shimizu Murasaki [清水紫], (Saki for short) literally translate as 'clear purple water'. Why purple? Because it's an awesome colour next to green and maroon. Why clear water? Because clear water is the best for our body, that's why.

The unfitting cap? Why shoud you say something like that? D: I like the cap very much.

She's my very FIRST character drawn without any references. So she is my precious ^o^/
No stealing, alright?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! © Amano Akira

This is Hibary Kyoya from KHR anime by Amano Akira. I'm just using her character for fun, okay?

Seriously, I got no plots built in my head. But importantly it'll be a death in this story.

Yes, death.

Oh god, who will die? Who will die?!! o__o

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