Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Colletion of Mine! Bahahah!!!

Bought this at Speedy shop at Giant Seremban.


I'm not so sure if this product is original or pirate, the logo seems original, the quality..... err not so perfect. But in the end, it's pretty okay compare to the original ^^

The price is RM33.90. Pretty cheap, huh?


His head as spiky as durian. And too big for his body..

And his jaws can be open! Just to show off hi awesome shark teeth :B

This is the items: apple in two condition. I can imagine how he's munching the apple.

This is awesome wings. It can hurt you; too sharp.

This is one of the main item of his; the death note of course!

Ryuk the Shinigami is posing with his apple and jaws fresh and open.

And so, here I am to end this post.

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