Monday, April 25, 2011


YO! Finally I'm be able to post something to my blog!


Now then, there're a lots of events that happened since my last post, but I'm not bother to write about it. ^^;; I'l summarize it:-

I get to become a librarian, enter a forum competition, went to i-City, shop books at Kinokuniya, bought new nendoroids collection, starts manga collection, et cetera.

New mangas!! I smell Kinokuniya bookshop~

TADAAA! It's Kuroshitsuji manga~ I already read some of the chapters, but eventually I've fallen in love with the cover -u-

And this is Togainu no Chi manga!!! Nice story! But I can't find Vol. 1 at Kinokuniya. Perhaps I have to wait another time...

The main mangas that I want to collect it until it's complete!

Togainu no Chi, 07-Ghost and Kuroshitsuji

Those are my collections now ^^

From left: Ryuk, Sebastian, Jiei-tan, Ciel, Yuki, Luka, and Black Rock Shooter.

But most importantly... I'VE DONWLOAD BL GAMES!!

I like visual novel games and hot smexy guys and a bit blood, which brings me to download Togainu no Chi, Lamento ~Beyond the Void~, and Sweet Pool visual novel game.

As you can see, all of the games are develop by Nitro+Chiral, a BL game developer. The art is awesomely jaw-dropping gorgeous so I can't resist downloading and playing the game.

Right now I'm still playing TnC, I think I'm leading Rin's path because I always met Rin when Akira is walking at streets or something. NOOOOO I don't want him!! I want Shiki or Keisuke!!!

SemeKeisuke x UkeAkira is pretty *3*

Thanks to AGHT and Atlas, I'm be able to cope with the story line and dialogues and the options. But the translations is ROUGH, so I just have to use my grammatical sense while playing ^u^;

Right! Now I shall wait for their next VN game, that is DRAMAtical Murder, around June-September 2011. Looking sci-fi-ish, but nevermind, they never to fail me!

And there's a Pesta Buku Antarabangsa held at PWTC! And I get to participate it as a librarian school trip on Wednesday!!! How lucky am I!

I hope that I can meet with the Gempakstarz cartoonists because they're having an autograph session at Gempakstarz booth!!!


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