Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Finally it's the day. The day that I have to tell an English story for the English Week. My English teacher asked me to do it, so why should I reject it? I just have to read in in front of the crowds during assembly. I didn't do something embarassing or humiliating. So no harm by doing it.

Is there?


I think the butterflies in my stomach are playing football match in the morning. I almost gave up until my name had been called.

"Now, let's continue our assembly today by listening to Farah Amani's story for the English Week."

Pffffttt--- I'm am DEAD.

Making my feet are functional, I walk to the podium. Okay, so far so good. Actually it's not bad, talking in front of the crowds. When suddenly...

The mic is not working.


I'm panicked. I don't know what to do. I'm feeling like hitting the mic on the floor on that time. So I have to do some mic test on it by saying ''testing, testing!'' And the mic os working. Thank God!!! T^T

I continue my story, when the mic is on trouble. AGAIN. Again, I do some testing. And again, and again, and again. All of the school students are already laughing their ass off as they keep repeating what I had said, "TESTING TESTING!!!"

It's embarassing. ><

And so, when I walk or went to class, the whole class is saying "testing testing!" all the time. I just smile at them and said "It's the mic's fault! Not me!" everytime. But they just didn't listen.

I think for the whole week, I already make my newest trademark;

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