Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where's the originality?

Dancing group: Gula-Gula.

Try search it at search engine. Di it now!!! :]


Finished? Now read my post.

Gula-Gula is a group that is develop by Eight Tones Communications Sdn. Bhd. company. The purpose if this group is to recreate the K-Pop phenomenon but with Malaysian oriented. The group consists of 6 girls with the ability to dance while singing with eye-catching dress.

Now, what do I want to talk about them is only one thing: GENUINENESS.

Basically, they are following girls group K-Pop singers (dancing while singing with eye-catching dress thingy), just like Wonder Girls, 4Minute, Girls Generations, etc. etc. etc.

Where's the originality?

This is Malaysia guys. Malaysia have their own special features too. So why not use it to become famous? Why must follow the K-Pop singers? They are Korea after all. Of course they have their own type of qualities.

Where's the originality?

This is only my way of thinking, don't feel bad about it. Everyone thinks differently, no? Some will think this post is true, some thinks that I am bashing people without any proof. For me, if you want to have fans, just be yourself. Don't simply follow people, use their speciality and make it yours but changed a little bit here and there.

Where's the originality?
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