Saturday, May 7, 2011

Be a good kid, won't you? Read the warning then.



Did I mention at previous post on how do I have to do to get another ending? Well, the problem is settled! Thanks to Microsoft Word, everything is completely done!

I simply write down the options that I choose on it to prevent me from choosing the same route and ending! The second time I played was bad. Akira was raped by Kiriwor T^T. I am so speechless. This is humiliation!!! The voice actors are actually made up a good voice though. Right now I seem cannot get away Akira’s raped voice inside my head. >////<. Now I shall play another ending! On the way to the Keisuke's ending!


In about 3 hours, I complete Keisuke's ending that cover up the bad and true endings!! Bwahahahahahahaha I is awesome!!

I think I like Kurosuke (fanname for his bad side), but the normal one is almost Yamamoto like! Cudlish and acting like he wants to protect Akira from anything, so that's how he took Line and tried to 'protect' Akira.

Well, after seeing this CG, I don't think he wants to protect Akira anymore. Like he wants to sees Akira's guts. (I'm serious, no kidding)

That knife is actually Takeru's, but he got killed by Kurosuke D:

Anyway, after the fight and some more talking part, Akira eventually got caought up by Kurosuke and then got tied up just like the manga. But then when Kurosuke uses screwdriver to sexually and physically abuse Akira, that's how you get a bad and true ending. If you choose second option, Kurosuke then continues to abuse Akira and got killed. The screen got black and Kurosuke said this to the dying Akira,

"Akira, I love you."

Awwww even though it's a bad ending, I simply love that. Kurosuke turn to evil because of love? How sadist. T^T

But when you choose first option, the scary part is over and you can continue to the true ending.
But there're another option where can lead you to the bad ending. So you are fight with Kurosuke, then you have to choose options.If you choose second option, you are simply leading to bad ending.

But, if you choose first option, AND you are having this CG:

prepare for the ero-scene after they're talking. (no, this picture are not ero. Keisuke wants Line, but Akira holds him up) Even if it's ero-scene, it somehow cute and fluffy ♥

See, I told you; it is cute! The Line effect has goes off so this is your normal Keisuke. Iff you loook carefuly, Keisuke is actually blushing while topping Akira. And why so uke there, Akira-chan?

The next scene is even cuter <3 Keisuke is kissing Akiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (blushing ♥)

I thought of posting the image, but after some wise considering, I'll link the picture only.

The scene is getting even hotter. I went all redface while playing this part. If I skip the scene, I won't be able to know what the hell they're talking. And that just as bad as getting a bad ending.

So I just play it. I'm covering the screen by my palm.

SO! The scene is ended (whew!) blah blah blah, you just unlock a true ending of Keisuke after went through some hot and steamy scene!

After 5 years, the civil war is declare at Toshima, Akira and Keisuke go back home at the hometown and work together at the same factory. The end.

I cried. Why? Because after they went through so much (it's Akira who went through lots of stuff) but finally they got to be together. Sob sob, so touching.

Wow, I typed so much! So let's call it a day guys. See ya!

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