Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have no power right now

Today is my first day of the mid year examination. Very important I tell you. So today's paper is Bahasa Melayu paper 1 and 2. It follows the correct format of SPM.

No big deal, isn't it?


I had mental and culture shock. When I read the instructions on paper 1 for the essay, it said "more than 350 WORDS", I panicked. What should I write to make it longer than usual I do?

Luckily, I manage to finish it about 486 words. I did count all of the wordings, worried if I didn't make it long enough. Not bad for a first strike, aye?

Now, I feel like my energy had gone, like had been sucked by the essay's words. Now all I need to do is PLAYING TOGAINU NO CHI GEEMU.

Currently I play for Shiki's route. FINALLY! I just start play so no images to post. Maybe I'll finish paying Shiki's route the day after tomorrow. I am eagerly waiting for ero-scene. I wonder how it would be? Shiki's a badass seme. Akira's badass uke. So...? Haha. I ish awesome.

Pffffttt, mid year exam, who cares?
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