Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Think That Thing Hates Me

Series of Unfortunate Events of Amani the Awesome

Wow, I think I can use that as my new blog title. Hehe, but that sounds too awful. I don't want to type all of my unfortunate events that occurs to me here. That's too pathetic. But then this is my blog, so I'm free to post anything I want.


So in Add Math class, Puan Jamaliah gives us a logarithm questions. All of us are quite stunned with the question given. Logarithms are something new to us so it'll need longer time to process the whole concept given. But then...

"If there's a person who can finish this, he or she will receive RM 2."

Moment of shock.

Then, like a handicapped cockroaches (seperti lipas kudung xDD), all of us are start working. Heheh, RM 2, who can miss this lucky opportunity? Shockingly, I stand up and show the working at the blackboard. The class are cheering. That's embarassing.

Something happened unexpectedly while I'm in the middle of the working, the projector screen fell right onto my right arm, like it's already targetting me for the whole class. The whole class are laughing, saying "the screen didn't like Amani!! LOL!" etc, but the teacher didn't amuse by this matter. So she asks boys to get hold of the screen, preventing it from falling again onto my glorious head. Thanks guys for those who helping me while laughing loudly <3

Then the teacher checks my working and she gives out RM 2 to me. "Congratulations," she said, smiling.

Shocked, I take the money from her hand, thanked her and then run to my sit.


So that's the story for today. It looks like I made a history everyday. That's quite new things occurs to me this year. o___o

Oh, anyway, today is the Children's Day at Japan right? It's May 5th! Yay carp flags are everywhere~ But I doubt it'll be a merry like it used to. I hope the earthquale incident are now settle up.

Happy Children's Day!!
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