Monday, May 16, 2011

Matsushita Yuya awesome singles is downloaded!

YESSSSSSSSSSS finally I got to download the singles!! Now today I'm going to post about the review.

As we know, he releases the singles at May 4th. The "Naturally" track is use for the "NATURAL BEAUTY BASIS" commercial song. The singles released with total eight different versions. I'm so jealous with those who being able to buy all of it :( but thanks to them, they upload it at internet and let us download and share the happiness together! Thanks fellow uploaders! <3

Down here are the singles versions covers and tracklist for each singles:

^ Regular Edition (CD) ^

1. Naturally
2. Back to Love

^ Limited Edition (CD + DVD) ^


1. Naturally

2. Back to Love


1. Naturally music clip

2. Back to Love live footage from "Live" 2010 ~Evolution of Me!~

^ Limited Version 1 ^

1. Naturally

2. Donna Toki mo (All the Times)

^ Limited Version 2 ^

1. Naturally

2. Himitsu no Hanazono (The Secret Garden)

^ Limited Version 3 ^

1. Naturally

    2. Kisetsu ga Kimi dake wo Kaeru (You Changed the Season)

    ^ Limited Version 4 ^

1. Naturally

2. Kowarekake no Radio (The Broken Radio)

^ Limited Version 5 ^

1. Naturally

2. Love Story wa Totsuzen ni (A Sudden Love Story)

^ Limited Version 6 ^

1. Naturally

2. Yume de Aetara ( I See You in My Dreams)

As you can see, the bolded red ones are my favourite :D especially Yume de Aetara one. It's so soothing my souls hmmmm. I recommend you to download these singles! You can hear that there's a differences between his voice now than back then. He have his own identity now! You can tell the differences!

This is the PV for Naturally. To tell you the truth, who the hell is that woman anyway? Someone please tell me! I got jealous!!

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