Friday, June 17, 2011

About KM:R

I had finished MidouxKatsuya route. This is almost tragic! Katsuya-chan got an accident!

Midou's old rival, Honjo, hit-and-run Katsuya! Making Katsuya stayed at hospital! Midou felt guilty for not being able to help him, since Honjo's real target is Midou, but Midou not noticing the car and Katsuya become a dashing hero by pushing Midou off the road and got hit by the car. The sweetest moment is when Midou visits Katsuya, apologizes, locked the room door and make out o3o

Then, I half-played through KatsuyaxMidou route. What I can only say is... BOTH OF THEM ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUTEEEE!!!

Katsuya always making fun with Midou, making him blushed and embarassed out of control. Ah. Sweet couple. Since Katsuya really glad that Midou become his lover, he don't needed anything except Midou. Ahhhh~ I awwwww'ed while reading through this~ I hope no one noticed...

Unexpectedly, Sawamura, old friend of Katsuya, is very HANDSOME! But he's being a bitch, screaming to Katsuya in the office, making my ears hurt. Hello? Stop screaming or my both ears gone out burst.

Jaa, I'm out, continue playing games. Toodles

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