Monday, June 27, 2011

Awesome Journey of Jelai Felda- Day 1

Okay. This is my first time in this year to stay OUT of my comfort region. I'd been to Anderson school in Form 2, so it already like a year. It's like a new experience in this upper form.

So, without a delay. A report about our Awesome Journey of Jelai. -rolls drum-


I arrived at school at 07:00. But back then there was no one waited at surau! I was nervous! Luckily there was Mail waited outside of the surau so I was not lonely trololol. After all of the participants were gathered, we took a ride from some certain van from Jabatan Kementerian Pelajaran and went off to JELAI~

It took 1 hour and 45 minutes full to arrive at the school. The road--- so "enchanting"! I went all dizzy head all the time. And I still can feel the spiral inside my head. Next, we had a breakfast at Jelai canteen. It was okay. So the course had begun.

The guide teacher, sir Noor Haslin, gave a rough description about the course inside the computer lab. We actually needed to make a research about certain topic given, like a REAL REAL RESEARCH; with images, interviews, etc. Suddenly I felt very nervous for no reason. Maybe this was my first time to getting involved something like very 'international' stuff. But relax. We managed to get alive hoho.

Then another break. I felt relieved. Then the real tension begun-----!

We need to make OUR OWN BASE. How do we need to make since we don't have our own account?! Oooh the pity. So we make our best sad face and borrow others' account to try doing something of our own. The after a wild explore---

It was interesting! We need to make a banner, actually an ANIMATED banner. Then a research about our topic - Healthy Lifestyle. We actually discuss about doing a RUBBISH. The we changed it to OBESITY, since it was easier.

Or so I thought.

The event ended at 16:00. Huuuaaaah the bliss~ We received a lot of useful information and knowledge- especially PhotoScape! But I still thought that PhotoShop was more fun. But it maybe my only opinion.


At night. After we all had our bath, we had a dinner and stay inside the computer lab to do a report about this event, our principal's request. So this was it, huh? It's okay, since i like to write something.

So I reach my writer block moment. Good night!

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