Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesome Journey of Jelai Felda- Day 3

Down here was our discussion about our next project; PBL. We discussed about what kind of topic should we choose.

The we get an idea; CIGARETTE.


Today was a holiday in conjunction with Isra' Mikraj. So all of us (the TTJ and Jelai group) decided to jog around Jelai. We started our journey around 06:40. As you can see that the sky was still dark.

After went out from the gate, I get so spirited to take a picture by using my handphone.

Like a usual me, I get tired so quickly after a quick run at hill. I have low stamina, must train harder. And Idayu... well she wanted to faint so I decided to follow her back. (this is just an excuse for not running along others ^^;)

At 07:30, we arrived last of course since others arrived like 15 minutes early than us. Then we had a breakfast. After that.... me, Amira and Idayu went to our 'hotel'.
Both of then went to have a moment of sleep. Of course I can't sleep, I'm sweat. So I do a doodle. I'll post the picture after this post.

Around 11:05, we went to have bath. So late bahahaha. Then we stay at computer lab for the whole day. I still wonder when we can begin our Thinkquest project...


WE GOT OUR ACCOUNT! Actually I turn out to be nervous. That's mean NO MORE PLAYING! D8
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