Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awesome Journey of Jelai Felda- Day 2

Down here was our dinner time during day 1. Notice the air-cond? It was awesome!


Today we went to Jelai school. Since the girls don't have an iron, our uniforms were wrinkled. It was unbelievable! Luckily Mas (one of the Thinkquest entrant and student) lent us her iron so we were being grateful.

Then during the assembly, the school's principal, sir Kamarulzaman, introduced us to the pupils. It was kind of shame, but we put our poker face.

^ the assembly site when there was no one around

We joined the science stream class, 4 UIAM. I was the only alien there since I don't took the stream. But I managed to get alive. -sigh- We learnt Chemistry, Physics and Bahasa Malaysia. Bah. I was so sleepy so I just sleep halfway the class.

YESSS! THE SCHOOL WAS OVERRRR! We didn't know that we need to queue up before went home. This is something new to be experienced by me~


After we changed our clothes to more casually, we took a tour around the school and taking pictures around the school.

^ the main building

^ garden

^ a mini garden with our principal's name ^^

^ canteen that serve us delicious meals since day 1 >3<

We couldn't stop our admiration towards this school. Maybe I was being all bias to my school. Sorry m(-_-)m

At evening. There was no activity! YAY! So sir Noor Haslin brought us to the 'most visited place by Jelaians'. But I think that it will be a stall or something... I smelt food~

On the way~

I thought so! It was an ABC stall! Unfortunately I don't usually digging into ABC, but I used to eat rojak xD

Mr. Hospitality

Food and drinks~!

Lastly, the boys' 'hotel'. Somewhat spooky looking...

So! This is it! My last words~ Tonight we are going to do PBL. I'm hoping for the best~
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