Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yawn. I want to sleep, but I already slept at the evening and thus; CANNOT SLEEP AT NIGHT. So I open my old folder. Then I saw 07-GHOST manga cover with Christmas theme. So I coloured it. The result:

TADAAA! Ayanami so cuuuuuute! Plus, Hyuuga is adorable with a cherry inside his mouth~
The I went doodle my Saki. THIS is the original design for Shimizu Murasaki.
But then I changed it, then the tomboy one is born! Yet, I still like the original one so I ditched the new one and keep the old ^^

So lately I'd been hooked up with Kichiku Megane. Since I like the concept on "how you receive certain item, use it and you'll be totally different person" thing, I want to make a story with the same concept with my Saki.

Rough plot:

Saki went out from library, wait for her friend at convenient store, then suddenly saw a yellowish box. Being a curious girl, she took it. Arrived at her apartment, she opened the box and saw a silver crescent moon shaped earring.

Now with the same concept like Kichiku Megane, the earring will changes a person's life when wearing it. Good to bad? I don't know. Maybe. But Saki decided to wear it. And her life is about to turn upside down.

The fanfiction will be either turn out to be a short story, a comic or both. Bwahahahaha. Sounds like a promo xD I hope I can finish it!

Or it maybe it'll turn out to be just like last time; no progress. I just want to jot down my idea...
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