Thursday, June 9, 2011

I never thought I would turn out to be like this...

Yo! It's a second semester holiday desu yo~ For the whole holiday I didn't bother to touch ANY school related things. Even I didn't touch my own bagpack! xD I believed it's already dusted.

Now, what I did for the entertainment is..... PLAYING BL GEEMU DEYANSU! After finished playing Togainu no Chi, I go download for another legendary BL games; Kichiku Megane. Of course, for those who are internet geek surely known by this title, no? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT KNOW THIS!

All right, first route that I played was Midou/Katsuya. When Midou asked for 'entertainment' I quickly click OK choice xD and then there was some H scene which i don't want to talk about. The entertainment didn't stops there as Midou constantly do some S&M stuff to Katsuya at hotel and even AT OFFICE! OMG very scary Midou-san...

Then the sad story begun! Suddenly Midou got blamed for some sort of business related (I don't give a damn about it), blah blah Katsuya wanted to meet Midou SO MUCH that even when it's rain he still wait for Midou in front of his appartment! Why so dere, Katsu-chan? Then he confess his love at Midou, Midou accepted him, do some H stuff again.


O___o looks so short but to be truth, it takes up to 5 direct hours to complete the whole route! Gosh the pains and the numbness.... but it pays off! SOOOOO SWEEEEEET. There's another 30 endings to play. Sigh, this is gonna take a long time....

Sometimes I wondered, why/when/how do I hook up with BL games? I thought; KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN. Hmmmmph. Not so sure but it maybe related because since I watch and follow this anime/manga, and so read fanfictions about 8059, 1859, 1869, etc, my mind seems to be thinking boys/boys relationship.

Thus, the result: play Togainu no Chi.


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