Saturday, June 11, 2011

I worried.

YATTA! Finally finished playing Kichiku Megane! It tooks lots of LOTS OF TIME. So my summary for this game:

1. Silver glasses is needed by everyone.
2. Neckties (especially red) has lots of functions.
3. Love someone by being his pet is UNIMAGINABLE.
4. Pomegranates are EVIL.

I hate you, Suhara Aki.

Now it's time to play Kichiku Megane R! WTH is that? It is just simply a sequel for Kichiku Megane, but with SAKURAS THEME! This is somehow related with Katsuya's past, I don't know and I can't wait to play it! I'm gonna start with Midou/Katsuya again!

Then I start to play when suddenly my sister barge into my territory and look at my laptop. I was dropdead. Luckily it wasn't H scene yet, just some sweet word by Midou to Katsuya. She didn't read it. Phew! Then another person came in, it was my cousin. He keeps staring at my desktop while I was playing the game. I don't know if he read some of the dialogue (Katsuya embraced Midou's head firmly while Midou was working inside his office...)

I worried. I wonders were they noticed my affection towards BL games, huh?
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