Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like really happy kids.

I first met this brat four years ago. You got it right peeps, it was like since we first entered high school bahahahh.

Oh, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself, I'm brat #1, Sarah A. pretty much an owner of this blog which is full of my nonsensical blurbs bah bah bah.

So back to story. I know Farah since we were both in Form 1 RK classes and gosh she was epic tall tall tall (I'm only 5') and she's pretty blur herself. Air-headed or something like that.

I'm slightly tired from all the marching so let's just talk reaaaaally quick (gaya macam tak ikhlas je tulis kan kan kan sorry minah, gurau je wooahahhahhahh) about this slight entry.

First time I met her? She was hella badass. We had this teacher once, who was fame for her student-slapping skills. When the teacher asked questions, she asked lazily and it was actually rather cool btw, and she went all "Oh, ah? Oh you were asking me?" and that was the first time I realized she sat in our class. Lol.

Anyway after that we sat in a row and god our minds are as dirty as our mouth LOL we talked craps. And we both love Gintama ;_; I have no more friends to crap with in class now baw except for the old dear friend D. But hey, after she moved out we managed to fit ourselves in the new environment (where she is no longer beside us to crap with *sniff*) though our heart is still with her~

And man I miss her lots :C So I'm going to spam this.

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