Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mid Year Exam Result

Since I've got all of my mid year exam paper result, I think I would like to share my "glorious result" around the net xD

BM: 81%
BI: 83%
Science: 74%
Mathematics: 80%
History: 53%
AG: 90%
Economy: 60%
Account: 66%
Additional Mathematics: 30%!!!

Horrible results. I barely breathe looking at my Add Math paper when my teacher called me and saw that result. I PASSED THE PAPER! OHAAAAA!

Mama said nothing, Ayah also said nothing. I think they're disappointed at me.

"I'll... try harder next term test...."
"I hope you really meant what you had promised. If not, your laptop will be on my hold and you shall not use it until holiday term. And I'm being serious."

o____________O maji de?!

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