Friday, June 24, 2011

Sport's Day at TTJ

Day 1 (June 23rd 2011)


It was tiring! Even though I didn't joined any event on that particular day, me and my other crazy friends cheered up almost for all contestants! We sat near the field, waiting for our friends and then cheering for them to win the race. I'm the only one with Syahbandar (blue house), while others were Bendahara (yellow house). So I also cheered up for them.

Betrayer? Naah, nonsense... there're no such things :D

Back home, I fainted because of the hotness. So I went to have a moment of sleep. I asked Mama to wake me up at 15:30. But then I woke at 18:00. Awesome. How long did I slept anyway? Why did I slept so long?

I don't think the hot weather was really the cause of this. I think it is because I woke up early in the morning, like 02:45 and went playing KM:R for 3 days straight. I want to finish the game quickly so I can play other game (Lamento is waiting bah!)

(^ there is when I played KM, KatsuyaxMidou route)

Day 2 (June 24th 2011)

It's the final day for my school's sport's day. It was less intriguing like the first day because less student came (of course they won't coming), but still my crazy friends were still coming so it's okay. We had a closing ceremony, with all of the winners received medals and stuff. Boring~

The LENSA group did some snapping session. And there're actually ME snapped!
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