Thursday, June 16, 2011

We finally talked. And I played,

Yesterday was Wednesday. I met my old friends from last year's class. How nostalgic, since both of us were busy with school homework and other activities. We had talk, remembering last year's idiocy xD

I treasure you.

Now I have a sudden urge to go Perak and start schooling again at Jati. I want to meet my best friends. I want to study with them, do fun stuff together, just like the old time...

I miss you...

See ^ there? THAT'S THE TYPING GAME! Your goal: strip features guy and score highmarks by typing certain words. I LOL'ed at the gameplay. When you finished typing words, the guy at the back will moan and groan, just like from the bed scene.

I tried to play kanji keyboard, but it's harder! Why Katsuya wears idiot glasses? That's because I play in Hetare mode.

Good disguise there, Katsuya.
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