Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I devote my life to COMPUTER!

Well, I queued up all of my homeworks that are need to be finished by next week;

> Bahasa Malaysia's TWITTER book
> Account (Journal, Ledger, Cash book)
> Additional Mathematics's TWITTER and text book's exercise
> Science note

Awesome. So much works to do in weekend. /sigh

But before that, I need to finish Luca's and Ugajin's routes first before I do my homework! I really can't imagine how Sasuke (Naruto) or England (Hetalia) or even William T. Spears (Kuroshitsuji) will turn out to be the uke.

Since he's always carrying this tsundere type of character, especially in England's voice acting, I think he'll juuuuuust fine eventhough he hasn't do any BL role~

Luca, why has so sexy voice? <3

I now wake up in the early morning, like 03:00 everyday to finish playing BL games before my sister having her vacation during holidays. /sparkles

DRAMAtical Murder and Taishou Mebiusline please come out already!!
I want to play!!
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