Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I started playing Sweet Pool. FINALLY.

What is happening up here?!

Just started playing Sweet Pool yesterday. One word describing this game: BEAUTIFUL!
Youji is beautiful, the scene is beautiful; everything is beautiful!!! <3

The choice system is different from others; we need to choose whether to follow a reason or an instinct.

^ choice system. UNIQUE.

Just to remind you that the game is full with BLOOD! /faint

^ one scene with Zenya o___0;

I also realized that there was Yusa Kouji is this game! BUT, he played only non-H character. /sigh

^ he is Kamiya-sensei, the chemist teacher

Played and finished one route that is ZENYA! OMG THE LAST SCENE WAS WHAT THE FUUUUU----

see ^ there? While the credits was rolling, VLG song was playing.

So by instance I knew that different characters have different song. Hmm... not bad.

Well! Got to go continue playing the games!
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