Monday, July 18, 2011

IF they can come to life...

THIS is what probably happen today at my room. A fight with the ukes about their status xD

I feel like a betrayer. I downloaded Lamento and sweet pool after finished playing Togainu no Chi, but then I remembered about Kichiku Megane series games.

So I went downloading the games AND PLAYED IT, not remembering the other two. After that I also downloaded STEAL! game, but not play it yet.

AND NOW I went downloading Omerta after reading a preview from Ponytale Lalaparadise (too much hot boys to handle xD).

THEN another upcoming games DRAMAtical Murder (around July-September period) and Taisho Mebiusline (in 2011)


Mission before year 2011 ended: PLAY ALL THESE GAMES!
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