Saturday, July 2, 2011

Larian Serentak 1 Malaysia

On this very Saturday morning, we were having some Larian Serentak 1 Malaysia. It was compulsory. Or so I thought.

I met Nida at early of the morning. We talked like crazy since we didn't met like 1 week xD Then at 07:00 we gathered at the school field.

Well, not bad for Saturday school term. After that we received a number for each of the student. I wonder what is it for...?

^ My number

Then off we went running around the residential park 2km! I started with Ain, Nida and Hajar but then Nida used her flying shoes to get through us. Hmph! I guessed she wanted to end this quickly.

I didn't run, so with Ain and Hajar. Then around 08:20 we finally reached school gate!

When we arrived, there were already half of the students we earlier than us. How quick!

A prize? It's not for those who arrived early, but it's a lucky draw. So the numbers were our lucky number! But my number was not so lucky. u_u

Recess time. We got Gardenia bread for recess. It's free what!

Then we held a gotong-royong session. My class went to Mathematics room for this kind of job.

The room was a mess! Pn. Jamaliah told us to keep it clean and 'comey'. Yeah, we managed to get it done.

^ That's me actually ^^;

The girls were doing decorations for the room while the boys did some painting job at a corner.

It was finally 12:20. Time to go home! Up there was the rest of the students taking the tools to the store room.

Thanks for those who come to get this program done!
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